2019.10.2-4 San Franciso Disrupt

Build Meal: Industry 4.0 Catalyst Cookware

User Oriented Bespoke System that can change what we eat and cook

Cooking for food doesn’t mean to be in pots and pans any more.

We can now design any cooking method with 'Build Meal'

Wether it’s boiling or frying in charcoal, smoke, steaming, we can now insert or remove layers of cell unit that contains specific use. 

Not only it can provide heat distributional purpose, it can also be used as heat resource as well. 

This life cell module system unit is aimed for cooking food so that food material, heat resource, and natural seasoning can be interactive. 

There isn’t a rule or step for any system layer it can be used as charcoal grill pan, or fast heat distribution traditional pot.

Also as system develops, we can add partial natural vitamins or herb such as tea bag in the life cell module system.

Personal Bespoke 

Capsule System 



Innovative Production

Inspired by Nature

Manufacturer Oriented Product influence nature environment. It is time to rethink the process